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Tartaric acid (Dihydroxybutanedioic)/Citric Acid

It is a white crystalline organic acid. It occurs naturally in many plants, particularly grapes, bananas and tamarinds, and is one of the main acids found in wine. Salts of tartaric acid are known as tartrates. It is a dihydroxy derivative of dicarboxylic acid. It is added to other foods to give a sour taste and is used as in antioxidant. It is also a useful raw material in organic chemistry for the synthesis of other chiral molecules. The tartaric acid plays an important role chemically, lowering the pH fermenting and acting as a preservative.

Safety Instructions: The following safety instructions must be followed, while using Impression Henna Colour
  1. Impression Colour should be kept away from direct sunlight, preferably in a dark place.
  2. The packet of Impression Colour should be opened only when ready to use.
  3. The colour should be mixed only in a plastic or glass bowl and not metal bowl.
  4. The paste should be applied with the application brush.
  5. Paste should be used immediately after preparation, (within 4-5 minutes) other wise it may not be effective
  6. Ensure that colour solution does not go into your eyes.
  7. The preparation should on no account be used for dying eyebrows or eyelashes as severe inflammation of eye may result. In case the paste gets into eyes, the same should be rinsed immediately. 

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